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We believe there is no person or created thing which is outside the active love and grace of God, shown so clearly in Jesus Christ. And through the active love and grace of God, we, as a body of Christ, are called to invite, welcome, and care for all.

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Our Church

Trinity Lutheran Church is an Evangelical Lutheran Church of American (ELCA) congregation located in Cook, MN.

Our community is located at the western end of beautiful Lake Vermilion and we are blessed to live in such a wonderful area of Northern Minnesota!  Each season brings a variety of people for fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, boating and snowmobiling. Our congregation welcomes all who are in the area enjoying God’s creation.

We are a faithful Christian community that offers a variety of ministries – youth & family, music, health, Bible studies, missions, and community outreach. We also support our local Boy Scout troop and other community programs.

Our History

On September 12, 1926, Reverend J.I. Fadum called a meeting at the home of Lars Leding, and on that day, Trinity Lutheran Church was organized. The first president was Rev. Fadum, the first secretary was Mrs. August Buboltz, and the first treasurer was Mrs. Oscar Olson. The first board of deacons consisted of William Holmbo and Per Moberg, while Adolph Johnson, Oscar Olson and Carl Ardin were the first board of trustees.

After this beginning, it was decided to build a church, and two lots were given to the congregation by August Bubolz. The work began in June, 1927. M.C. Martinson was contracted to finish the shell of the church.

The cornerstone for the building was laid August 26, 1927. Rev. Fadum, Rev. Elias Rasmussen and Rev. Harold Stevens conducted this ceremonious occasion.

Sunday School was conducted in the basement of the new church, while work was being done on the upstairs. The first Sunday School was held September 25, 1927. Mrs. Fadum, Angelet Fadum and Camilla Ardin were the first teachers. The first worship service was also held that morning.

Rev. Fadum served the congregation until 1930. Rev. Tunis Eklund served the congregation from 1930-1932. In 1931, Trinity became a two-point parish, sharing their pastor with Littlefork Lutheran Church.

After Rev. Eklund left the congregation, Rev. Charles Johnson, of Virginia, served his ministry here until 1934. During his stay, Trinity was host to the Luther League Convention of the Arrowhead Circuit.

The Rev. Albin Fortney was called in December of 1934. He was installed as pastor January 27, 1935. Among the many improvements made during his stay were the altar, the altar rail, the baptismal font and the interior of the church. His painting of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane still hangs in the church today, at the top of the stairs to the sanctuary. The church was dedicated in December, 1935.

Rev. C.H. Jacobson served the congregation from July 12, 1936 until December, 1939. During his stay, the parsonage was purchased and the upstairs finished.

Rev. Fridtjof Eikeland came to Trinity in the spring of 1940 as a first-call pastor. He served until September of 1941. Rev. Eikeland was active with the younger members of the church and with the choir.

Rev. Charles Fritz came in the fall of 1941 and was installed in the spring of 1942. Many more improvements were made on the church and parsonage. In the fall of 1945, Rev. Fritz moved to Wauban, MN.

In June 1946, Rev. Stuart Ensberg became the pastor of Trinity and served until September of 1950. In 1947, Littlefork Lutheran merged with Trinity. The congregation decided it would become self-supporting.


The subsequent pastors are as follows:

1951 - 1956, Rev. Joel A. Olberg

1956 - 1958, Rev. Ralph K. Livdahl

1959 - 1966, Rev. James R. Peterson

1967 - 1973, Rev. Keith C. Parker

1973 - 1982, Rev. Dennis C. Morreim

1982 - 1986, Rev. Harold O. Knutson

1986 - 1992, Rev. Frank A. Ehling

1992 - 1993, Rev. Thomas J. Bagel

1993 - 2004, Rev. Marcus P. Hess

2005 - 2006, Rev. Dennis Paulson

2005 - 2010, Rev. Melissa L. Stoller

2010 - 2012, Rev. Janeva Stromberg

2012 - 2013, Rev. Lisa Buchanan

2013 - 2017, Rev. Bruce Hannem

2017 - 2019, Rev. Peter Rosenkvist  

2019 - 2024, Rev. Erika Foss

The History of Our Bell

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